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How eAppSys is helping Customers to Transform & Migrate Data in to Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications
The eAppSys Data Management & Migration Cloud Platform (DMOneTM Cloud) is a cutting-edge platform for data transformation that leverages the latest technology to automate data migration and management processes leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI). This platform speeds up the end-to-end implementation life cycle, providing a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution for Fusion SaaS implementations.

At eAppSys, we assist customers and partners in transforming data for effective decision-making during implementations. Our DMOneTM Cloud platform can be used to manage and migrate setup, master, and transactional data for Oracle cloud applications such as Financials, Projects, Procurement, Order Management, Inventory, Manufacturing, Core HR, Talent, Sales, and Service. DMOneTM is built using Oracle technologies such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Apex Cloud, and is compliant with GDPR regulations. This makes it a powerful and secure solution for managing and migrating data for Oracle cloud applications.

The eAppSys team, as well as customers and partners, can use the DMOneTM Cloud platform as a centralized solution for data management during implementation to transform and migrate data. DMOneTM offers a powerful and versatile solution for managing and migrating data in Fusion SaaS implementations. This platform can be leveraged in a variety of scenarios and use cases for Fusion SaaS implementation including:

  • Greenfield Implementations
  • Adding new companies or organizations or business units
  • Migrating data from EBS, SAP & Other applications
  • Data management due to centralized or Global Single Instance
  • Master data transformation or management

The DMOneTM Data Management Cloud platform is essential for dealing with large data sets and migrating data from legacy or existing systems. It can also be used to accelerate the movement of configuration data between instances during implementation and post go-live. Additionally, it can be leveraged to compare data between instances, identify differences in configurations, and manage centralized data sets for global organizations or organizations that need to regularly enhance their capabilities. In short, the DMOneTM platform offers a wide range of powerful features and capabilities for managing and transforming data in Fusion SaaS implementations. Here is the snapshot of Integrated
DMOneTM Data Management & Migration platform:

How The eAppSys DMOneTM Data Management Cloud platform Works
The development team at eAppSys has created numerous best practices for data management leveraging AI/ML and RPA capabilities. These best practices enable rules with validations and ensure that an audit trail of data transformation is retained and recorded. The DMOneTM Cloud platform uses Out of the box rule-based extraction, transformation, validation, file preparation, data transfer, reconciliation, error handling, error correction, and reporting to identify, organize, leverage, and convert legacy data. This makes it a highly effective and efficient solution for managing and migrating data in Fusion SaaS implementations.

One of our recent professional services customers, with a global presence, wanted to move to Oracle Fusion applications cloud. We were able to leverage and enhance the DMOneTM Cloud platform to successfully migrate data from the customer’s EBS applications to Fusion ERP & HCM Cloud. As part of the migration, we built internal validations into the DMOneTM platform itself, so that the data would be transformed, verified, and validated by the system before moving to Fusion applications. This helped to avoid data errors and ensure the success of the migration.

Why we created
Transforming and migrating large datasets and volumes into Oracle Fusion Cloud applications can present a number of challenges that limit a company’s ability to scale their business. These challenges include duplicates, redundant, and incorrect data that can make management reporting and decision-making difficult. To address these challenges, eAppSys developed the DMOneTM Cloud Data Management platform. This platform provides a flexible tool that anyone can use, even with limited knowledge, to manage data according to their specific business needs. It then securely and accurately uploads the data into Fusion Applications, with proper security and validation rules, and offers data masking for critical data as needed. The DMOneTM platform is designed to make it easier for companies to manage and migrate data for Fusion SaaS implementations.

eAppSys has been working closely with the Oracle Product Development organization to continually enhance the capabilities of the DMOneTM Cloud platform. These enhancements include streamlining configuration movement, adding additional objects, and ongoing innovation. The DMOneTM platform is now ready for use across all pillars of Fusion Cloud applications, including ERP, HCM, SCM, and CX, and will continue to be updated on a regular basis, particularly in response to quarterly updates offered by Oracle as part of their upgrade cycles. This ensures that the DMOneTM platform remains a powerful and effective solution for managing and migrating data in Fusion SaaS implementations.

eAppSys Differentiation
At eAppSys, we deploy and leverage the DMOneTM Data Management Cloud platform as a standard platform for all data management and migration activities in successful customer implementations. We take overall end-to-end ownership of delivering services for customers and partners for their Fusion applications or EBS projects. If you need to continue using DMOneTM post-implementation, we offer pricing models to choose from based on your business needs. These include a subscription-based model, a user-based monthly subscription fee, or a development charge for customers who want to implement a single specific capability. Our goal is to provide flexible and affordable options for customers to continue using the powerful capabilities of the DMOneTM platform.

There are many benefits to leveraging the capabilities of the DMOneTM platform, including:

  • Reducing manual effort and saving consultants time on data entry
  • Improving productivity by enabling staff to focus on higher-value or quality activities
  • Enhancing data quality and supporting better decision-making
  • Empowering data owners to stay ahead of the competition
  • Leveraging best practices on a consistent basis with a single source of data
  • Reducing administration time and improving interactions with customers
  • Enabling faster and more consistent data migration with a significant return on investment

Overall, the DMOneTM platform offers a range of benefits that can help businesses improve their data management and migration processes, reduce manual effort, and gain a competitive edge.

DMOneTM Cloud helps to accelerate the implementation life cycle at each stage and supports areas across CX, ERP, HCM, and SCM. In some cases, DMOneTM has been reported to provide savings of up to 30% on data migration, design, and build phase efforts. This makes it a valuable tool for reducing the time and effort required to migrate and manage data in Fusion SaaS implementations.

Contact us
If you would like to learn more about eAppSys DMOneTM and the capabilities of the Data Management Cloud Platform, you can fill out a form with your questions and a consultant will respond to your inquiry. This is a great way to get answers to any questions you may have about how DMOneTM can support your data management and migration needs in Oracle Fusion SaaS implementations.