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Oracle Fusion Applications

Modernising Core Systems for a Successful Shift to Digital and the Cloud

Amidst the dynamic digital world, businesses must stay relevant and adapt to technological advancements, to thrive. We help companies transition efficiently by modernising their core systems and help them tap into new business opportunities. We can help businesses create fully new business models that help reduce time to market and enhance decision-making. We deliver value via continuous innovation, enhancing decision-making and reducing costs.

By working with eAppSys, businesses can use our expertise in the Oracle ecosystem to modernise their operations and improve their ability to compete in today’s digital world. We can help enterprises drive down costs, increase efficiency, and improve their decision-making processes as they shift to digital and cloud-based systems.

How Oracle Cloud Applications Can Transform Operations

As technology continues to advance rapidly, companies worldwide are beginning to understand the benefits of transitioning to the cloud.

On-premises eBS application systems that are heavily customised and disconnected from other business applications may no longer be able to keep up with the changing needs of the business.

Oracle Cloud Applications allow organisations to access emerging technologies and adapt quickly to changing business needs. By moving to the cloud, companies can benefit from the latest innovations and stay competitive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Oracle Cloud Applications also reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining on-premise systems, increase collaboration and productivity and enable companies to make data-driven decisions.

Next-Generation Fusion SaaS ERP, SCM & HCM Solutions for Hybrid Architectures

A decade ago, Oracle released a new suite called Oracle Fusion Applications, designed to provide a standard upgrade path for users of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s other business applications. One significant benefit of Oracle Fusion ERP, SCM, HCM & CX applications is its ability to integrate with hybrid architectures that combine Oracle ERP Cloud with legacy frameworks.

This is made possible via Oracle’s technical cloud infrastructure and platform offerings that support external development within an open-standards architecture. By using Oracle Fusion Applications, companies can take advantage of the latest technologies and innovations while leveraging their existing investments in legacy systems. eAppSys has the expertise and experience to help organisations implement Oracle Fusion Applications and achieve their business goals.

Leverage the latest technologies and innovations by implementing Oracle Fusion Applications. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Benefits

Oracle Fusion Cloud application solutions have been shown to reduce costs and offer numerous other benefits to organisations. Some of these benefits include:

Industry-Ready Capabilities and Best Practices
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & HCM solutions are designed to provide organisations with industry-specific capabilities and best practices out-of-the-box, helping them quickly and easily implement and use these solutions to support their business processes.
Personalised Insights
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & HCM solutions provide users with personalised insights and recommendations, allowing them to quickly and easily access the information they need to make informed decisions and take immediate action.

Intelligent Process Automation
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & HCM solutions include tools and capabilities for automating business processes, helping organisations reduce manual efforts, improve accuracy and consistency, and drive more efficient and effective operations.
Complete Compliance Support
Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & HCM solutions include tools and capabilities to ensure compliance with policy regulations, helping companies avoid penalties and other non-compliance risks.

Prevention of Upfront Costs
By using Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & HCM solutions, companies can avoid upfront costs related to purchasing and deploying computing infrastructure and application software licenses.

eAppSys Solution Portfolio Offerings

At eAppSys, we help our clients improve their efficiency and productivity by deploying Oracle solutions that manage and optimise the use of their resources. Our enterprise IT solutions for Oracle Fusion Applications cover all aspects of business operations and typically include the following:

Applications Advisory

We provide guidance and recommendations on the most relevant Oracle applications and tools, to support an organisation's specific business goals.

Implementation Services

We help companies implement end to end Oracle solutions and our services include planning, configuration, testing and deployment.

Application Extensions

We provide custom development services to extend the capabilities of Oracle applications, including adding new functionality, integrating with other systems, and customising the user interface.

Application Integrations

We help businesses integrate their Oracle solutions with other systems and environments, including on-premise, cloud and hybrid deployments.

Reporting Services

We provide pre-built and custom reports to help organisations better understand and visualise their data and support more effective decision-making.

Data Migration

We assist companies with migrating their data to Oracle solutions, including planning, data cleansing and data transfer.

Quarterly Upgrade Services

We help organisations stay up-to-date with the latest Oracle releases, including planning, testing, and deployment of quarterly upgrades.

Post-Go-Live Managed Services

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to help businesses optimise their use of Oracle solutions, including proactive monitoring, issue resolution and performance optimisation.


We also assist in rolling out Oracle solutions to multiple locations or users, including planning, coordination and deployment.

Our enterprise IT solutions help organisations improve their efficiency and productivity by providing comprehensive support for deploying, implementing, and optimising Oracle solutions