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Employee Experience

Increase Productivity and Improve Company Performance with eAppSys Employee Experience Platform

Elevating Employee Experience: The Role of an Employee Experience Platform

The employee experience is the perception and feelings employees have about their job and the company for which they work. It includes every interaction and touchpoint the employee has with the organisation, from entry to exit. The employee experience is shaped by factors like the company’s culture, interactions with colleagues and superiors, and the tools and technology used on the job.

An employee experience platform is a system that helps manage and improve various aspects of the employee experience. It includes onboarding, performance management, benefits, training, and the workplace environment. In addition, it includes the processes, activities, and communication systems that support employees in their roles.

Employee Experience Statistics

Research shows employees with a positive employee experience are 60% more likely to intend to stay with their current company and 69% more likely to be high performing. To improve employee experience and business performance, companies must treat employees as their best customers and focus on their needs and well-being.

Why Does Employee Experience Matter?

Here are some reasons employee experience matters.
  • Employee experience has a significant impact on a company’s profitability.
  • Satisfied employees remain engaged and deliver what it takes to delight the company’s customers.
  • On the other hand, unhappy and disengaged employees may be less productive or may even leave the company.
  • Such employees could lead to costly turnover and the need for continuous hiring and training of new employees.
  • Inefficient systems and processes can lead to low morale and disempowerment among employees.
  • It can negatively impact the business’s performance, volume and market position.

Engaged employees with a positive employee experience are more productive, committed to the company, and likely to stay with the organisation for a long time.

How Can HR Professionals Create the Right Employee Experience?
With advancements in digital technology that have helped enhance customer satisfaction, employees are now looking for reciprocity in their case. It includes,

Quick Information Access

Companies must provide employees with simplified online access to services, processes, procedures, and personal information through their preferred devices.

Prompt Responses

It is necessary with 24/7 self-service options for information and services.


It includes clear information on on-the-job performance, development opportunities and advancement vital for trust and engagement

Feeling of Being Connected

It includes feelings of engagement, meaning in work, and inclusion that is important for employee satisfaction and loyalty.

eAppSys Employee Experience Offerings

Our offering is designed to improve the employee experience via engagement with customers and implementation tools and technologies. We support and guide customers in choosing the best options for their needs. The number of interactions will vary per the customer’s specific goals and needs.

For example, one company may start with absence management and later move on to performance management, while another may prioritise implementing maternity pay. A government department may implement a service-driven approach across all employee interactions and use self-service tools for shared parental leave, changes in circumstances, and shift work.

Benefits of Positive Employee Experience

Employee experience benefits in various ways, including the following.

Increased Productivity

Satisfied employees are often more productive and motivated to deliver their best.

Reduced Turnover

When employees feel supported and valued by their employer, they are more likely to be retained in the long run. It reduces the costs associated with the frequent hiring and training new employees.

Enhanced Company Reputation

A positive employee experience can lead to positive word-of-mouth and a better reputation for the company. It can attract top talent and enhance customer satisfaction.

Improved Company Performance

Happy and engaged employees can contribute to overall improvements in the company's performance.

Greater Diversity and Inclusion

Implementing systems and processes that foster diversity and inclusion can create a more welcoming and inclusive workplace. It can lead to enhanced employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Improve employee satisfaction and boost productivity with our Employee Experience Platform. Our Employee Experience Platform can help.