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Integration Services

Integrating Applications

Connecting and Enhancing Data Exchange and Information Sharing

Oracle Applications integration involves connecting Oracle SaaS/On-Premise Applications with other data and applications to enable seamless data exchange and information sharing. This integration can be achieved using various integration techniques such as APIs, web services, and middleware technologies.

Oracle SaaS/On-Premise Applications include a wide range of enterprise software applications, such as Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle SCM Cloud, Oracle CX Cloud, and more. These applications can be integrated with other systems, such as third-party applications, legacy systems, databases, and other Oracle products, to provide a unified view of data and information across the organization.

Application Integration Capabilities of eAppSys

  • We provide implementation services for various integration tools and platforms to support Oracle Applications integration, including Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle API Platform, Oracle Integration Adapters, and more. .
  • We are certified and well-positioned to help organisations design the integration solutions that will best meet their specific needs and use cases.
  • We have invested in developing expertise around cloud-based integration using REST, FBDI, and SOAP APIs.
  • Additionally, we have experience with various integration patterns and architectures, including point-to-point integrations, hub-and-spoke architectures, and hybrid integration approaches.

Why is Partnering with eAppSys a Prudent Move?

eAppSys specialises in file and web-based integrations with various external systems. We have extensive experience working with many applications, including E-Business Suite, Fusion Cloud Applications, SAP, etc. We leverage the features and capabilities of Oracle technology and platform solutions like Oracle SOA Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud services. Using these tools and solutions helps us provide integration robust and scalable solutions that can support the evolving needs of our clients.

eAppSys helps you tailor your integration solutions to meet the specific needs of your organization.