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Data Migration & Management Cloud Platform (DMOneTM Cloud)


Migrating enterprise data using Oracle-provided tools can pose a challenge, particularly when dealing with large volumes, as the data management platforms and tools require regular enhancements to keep up with the frequent updates of Fusion SaaS applications. If you plan to reduce costs, take advantage of the latest quarterly release capabilities, and remain within Oracle-supported methods by migrating data from EBS or other legacy applications to Fusion SaaS, you may be worried about the migration’s risks, data cleansing, the amount of effort required, the quality of the outcome, and the time it will take to complete.

However, the manual effort involved in transferring data from legacy applications to Fusion SaaS applications can result in higher ownership costs, decreased productivity, and delays in project completion. In such cases, it is crucial to identify solutions that can assist and streamline the data migration process, mitigating these risks and optimizing the quality and efficiency of the migration.

As mentioned before, data migration can be extremely challenging. Below are some common challenges involved with data migration.

Our Solutions

What is DMOneTM Cloud

eAppSys has developed the next generation Data Management & Migration Platform called DMOneTM Cloud based on our experience with customer implementation pain points and challenges with data quality over the past decade. DMOneTM Cloud leverages Oracle technologies including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Integration Cloud, and Oracle Apex Cloud to automate data migration and management processes, accelerate the end-to-end implementation life cycle, and provide a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution. This platform supports areas across CX, ERP, HCM, and SCM and has been reported to provide up to 30% savings on data migration, design, and build phase efforts. DMOneTM Cloud organizes and converts legacy data using rule-based extraction, transformation, validation, file preparation, data transfer, reconciliation, error handling, and error correction. Overall, the goal of creating DMOneTM Cloud was to provide a solution to the challenges and pain points that organizations face during data migration and management.

Data migration needs to be Quick, Efficient and Cost Effective.

These are often detected late in the day and result in increased project costs.

For many organisations living with poor quality data is business as usual.

Over 75 % of cloud implementations are delayed due to data issues.

Data migration is generally ad-hoc with very little business ownership and visibility. This leads to lost time, reduced confidence and fatigue in the business users providing the data.

Why choose

Why choose DMOneTM Cloud?

eAppSys’ Data Management & Migration Cloud Platform, DMOneTM Cloud is a best-in-class platform for migrating data into Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications or Oracle E-Business Suite applications from any legacy or source applications, including EBS, SAP, and others. This platform offers a robust and scalable solution for data migration that is source system agnostic and has user-friendly interfaces. This makes cloud data migration and enterprise data management simple and improves the quality of data. Overall, DMOneTM Cloud is the ideal platform for organizations looking to migrate data into Oracle applications from legacy systems.
Incremental extracts and updates
Traget file generation
Load and error headling
Data management
Feedback and visibility
Data insights

Our Capabilities in DMOneTM Cloud

DMOneTM Cloud offers a number of capabilities that can help alleviate the challenges associated with data migration and management. Some of these capabilities include:
Automating Data Migration

Automating data migration and management processes: DMOneTM Cloud automates many of the routine tasks and processes involved in data migration and management, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Speeding Up Implementation

Accelerating the implementation life cycle: DMOneTM Cloud speeds up the implementation life cycle at each stage, helping organizations to get their Oracle applications up and running quickly and efficiently.

Quick, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Providing a quick, efficient, and cost-effective solution: DMOneTM Cloud offers a solution that is quick to implement, efficient to use, and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to migrate data into Oracle applications.

Improving Data 

Improving the quality of data: DMOneTM Cloud organizes and converts legacy data using rule-based extraction, transformation, validation, and other processes, improving the quality and reliability of the data being migrated.

Overall, DMOneTM Cloud offers a range of capabilities that can help organizations overcome the challenges associated with data migration and management, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their Oracle application implementations.

DMOneTM Cloud Platform has following benefits:

Reduced cost of ownership

Performance tested Components


Traceability traget at each step of the migration process


Iterative process with version controls

Business User Friendly

Deduplication and cleanse that is automated, assisted or user driven

Reduced Turnaround Time

Improved Visibility

Shorter migration Cycles

Enhanced Monitoring

Fewer migration Cycles

Early Insights into data issues

Reducted Testing

Less code/ No code

Here's a brief exposition of how the entire Process works

Effortlessly migrate your data to Oracle Cloud with DMOneTM, eAppSys' premier cloud migration platform. Contact us to learn more.