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Success Stories

Benefits of Consolidating multiple business units with single global instance with eAppSys Data Migration Services

A global construction company was able to consolidate their data migration from their existing multiple legacy eBS applications to consolidated single Oracle EBS applications across their businesses for ERP, SCM, and HCM leveraging eAppSys team. This move towards a single instance consolidation has provided several benefits for the company, including improved data accuracy, enhanced data security, increased efficiency, and better decision-making.

Success Stories

Global Pharmaceutical Company Implements EBS R12 with eAppSys with end-to-end scope of services

A major international pharmaceutical firm initiated a comprehensive program of change, transitioning from five separate source systems to a unified global implementation of Oracle’s EBS R12 system. The program was managed and executed by eAppSys, and covered a wide range of functional areas including Human Capital Management (HCM), Financials, Supply Chain management (including Warehouse Management Systems), and Projects. As part of the program, eAppSys also handled data management and migration, moving data from multiple source systems to the new, centralized instance. Following a successful implementation, eAppSys has continued to provide ongoing managed services and additional innovative solutions to enhance the capabilities of the core enterprise platform.

Success Stories

Successful Implementation of Fusion Cloud Integration and CI/CD Pipeline for Global Professional Services Company

eAppSys team has leveraged Oracle Integration Cloud and API Cloud services to develop and integrate Fusion Cloud applications with other systems for a Global Professional Services company. This enabled real-time data movement across the company’s applications to meet their complex business requirements. We built a significant number of integrations to support these applications, and efficiently migrate their data to the Fusion ERP and SCM systems.

Success Stories

Unifying IT Platforms: EBS R12 Harmonization Program towards several benefits

eAppSys, as part of a R12 Harmonization Program for a global construction company, has executed a plan to merge all Oracle and non-Oracle systems activities onto a single, existing UK Oracle R12 solution. The program helped establish a unified IT platform and established a standard Target Operating Model for the R12 Oracle system and business processes, including standard Oracle modules such as HCM, ERP, SCM and custom bolt-on’s including Customer Billing, Sub-Contractor Module, and Plant Solution. This effort towards consolidating all systems into a single instance has brought several benefits to the company including streamlined processes, improved data accuracy, enhanced data security, increased efficiency, and better decision-making.

Success Stories

End-to-End Data Migration and Transformation for Fusion HCM and Payroll with eAppSys for Leading Supply Chain Partner

A leading supply chain partner for British businesses used eAppSys to help them deliver end-to-end data migration for Fusion HCM and payroll. This likely involved transferring data from the company’s current systems to the Fusion HCM and payroll platforms in order to consolidate their HR and payroll processes and data in a single system. The data migration process includes data transformation to improve the quality and usefulness of the data for better decision-making and increased efficiency. By using eAppSys, the company was able to smoothly and efficiently migrate their data to the Fusion HCM and payroll systems.

Success Stories

Efficient Data Migration from eBS to Fusion HCM with eAppSys for UK-based Construction Group

A UK-based construction group used eAppSys to help them with data migration efforts for Fusion HCM from their eBS applications for multiple divisions. This involved transferring data from the eBS applications to the Fusion HCM system in order to consolidate the company’s HR management processes and data in a single platform. By using eAppSys, the company was able to streamline this process and ensure a smooth transition of data between the two systems.