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DMOne Cloud is a platform that addresses and automates every aspect of Oracle SaaS Data Migration.

Why did we create DMOne?

The common thread running through all large organisations are the following:

  • Legacy data that has built up over the years
  • Multiple sources/applications that lead to a lot of duplicate & redundant data
  • Concurrent projects & inter-dependencies leading to more redundant & duplicate data
  • Poor visibility of data quality leading to poor reporting on data quality
  • Constantly changing configurations
  • Changing future states of business requirements
  • Challenges with masking & profiling of data
  • Poor regression reporting

DMOne Cloud – a robust platform built to be a single solution for all these issues.

The platform successfully addresses the issues methodically through the features built into it, some of which are:

  • Rule based & automated extraction from multiple sources
  • Ability to extract incrementally with updates after every step
  • Cleansing data made easy through built-in features
  • Transformation & Enrichment with error reporting at run time
  • Ability to easily generate the target file
  • Built-in loading & error handling capabilities
  • Reconciliation module to ensure data accuracy
  • Feedback & Visibility in every module providing complete transparency
  • Reporting module providing useful insight into data

What does this mean for our customers?

The business benefits that DMOne Cloud brings to our customers are:

  • Reduced cost of ownership through a robust platform providing repeatable processes
  • UI/UX built on the lines of Oracle solutions (identical design elements adopted) making it friendly for business users
  • Fewer iterations & Faster migration time resulting in reduced turnaround time through the entire cycle
  • Performance tested components in the platform causing drastically reduced testing cycles
  • De-duplication & cleansing can be automated, assisted or completely user driven giving enormous flexibility
  • Enhanced monitoring & improved visibility make the entire process extremely transparent
  • The entire data management process is made highly iterative with version control
  • Traceability target at each step of the process makes it extremely accurate and less time consuming
  • Early insights into data quality issues mean less likelihood of errors because corrective measures can be taken immediately
  • Use of a platform such as DMOne Cloud makes the project a low code/no code process.
DMOneCloud is powered by eAppSys Ltd., a Global Oracle Partner based out of London, UK with offices in Hyderabad, India & Plano, Texas, USA.

To know more, please send us an e-mail at info@eAppSys.com