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We have delivery in depth to support the following areas.

Data Migration

Data Migration

We built DMOne™ Cloud to resolve data issues.

Worried about data quality? Issues regarding supplier, customer or employee data? DMOne Cloud our data management platform could be the answer.

Our cloud based solution allows for extraction, analysis and cleaning of data and then allows for the data to be changed in the original source system.

Supported Activities

Fully Audited solution
Target file generation
Data insights
Data management
Group 66806-svg
Group 66804-svg
Incremental extracts
and updates
Load and
error handling
and visibility

PaaS for SaaS

Full end-to-end solutions covering manufacturing and order management.

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EBS or Cloud - hybrid solutions utilising Service Cloud and Intelligent Advisor.

Integration Issue? Our team have vast experience.

Service Cloud, Intelligent Advisor and the Digital Assistant

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We offer solutions that are personalised for your customer. Enabling them to truly self-serve. Solutions that can be accessed via a knowledge base or exposed via a Digital Assistant.

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A customer portal allowing customers and employees access to the same information. Guided assistant to help navigate more complex scenario’s. Chat to engage with customers.

We create solutions that work in Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) or Oracle Fusion (Engagement Cloud).

Human Capital Management and the Employee Experience

Want to improve your
Employee Experience?

An Employee portal providing
personalized advice, also
available via a chat bot?

  • A robust employee experience platform delivers many benefits across the enterprise, for employees and employers:
  • Easy, convenient, and timely access to important information that impacts their jobs and their lives
  • A customized, personalized, and responsive experience that meets their needs
  • Transparency around company processes and policies
  • A sense of empowerment over their work lives
  • An increased sense of inclusion, belonging, and community
  • Access to data and data analytics that drive improvements across the business
  • Secure access to continually updated employee data
  • The opportunity to make better use of HR staff’s time
  • Faster, more convenient transaction processing
  • Enhancement of diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced employee attrition
  • Increased employee trust and loyalty

Managed Support

  • Oracle on premise or cloud applications
  • A cost effective support partner
  • We’ll provide a dedicated support manager and regular communication.
  • A clear commitment to Service Level Agreements
  • First, second and third line support.
  • Additional assistance via our consulting teams - if required.
  • We’ll ensure your applications run without issues!