Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting(HFR)

Hyperion Financial Reporting


Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting generates highly formatted, book-quality financial and management reports that are GAAP compliant. Today’s technology lets organizations facilitate and improve their financial reporting and analysis. For instance, Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting creates and distributes compliant financial reports and management reporting book sets. Oracle’s Hyperion® Financial Reporting – System is a powerful tool for designing and presenting analytic data graphically. You can design traditional financial report formats such as cash management reports, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets.

You can also designnontraditional formats for financial or analytic data that include text and graphics.

  • Easily create and distribute GAAP-compliant financial reports and other highly formatted management reports
  • Turn enterprise data into operational insights
  • Increase efficiency by creating a report in a variety of formats for a range of audiences
  • Automate report production and delivery
  • Enable users to access data from a variety of sources
  • Improve productivity with minimal IT involvement

Financial Reporting Components

Financial Reporting is comprised of numerous components that can be accessed in Financial Reporting Studio, Workspace, or both:

  • Report Designer – In Financial Reporting Studio – Enables you to create, edit, or delete report objects, reports or snapshot reports.
  • Explore In Financial Reporting Studio – Enables you to create, open, save, and delete folders and store report objects, reports, and snapshot reports. ❍In Financial Reporting Workspace – Enables you to open stored files, create folders, export and import files, and set up e-mail links to folders, reports, and snapshot books.
  • Book Editor – In Financial Reporting Workspace – Provides the capability of creating a book of reports, which can be saved as a book or a snapshot book.
  • Scheduler – In Financial Reporting Workspace-Enables you to schedule a batch and view the status of batches that are scheduled for future processing.
  • Batch Editor – In Financial Reporting Workspace-Enables you to add objects to a batch job, remove objects from a batch job, schedule a batch, and indicate whether or not you want the batch deleted after it runs.
  • Workspace – The tasks you can perform are based on your user rights. ❍In Financial Reporting Studio – If you are Report Designer or Global Administrator, you can create, edit, or delete report objects, reports or snapshot reports in the designer Studio workspace or work with reports and report objects in Studio explore.

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