Data Migration

Data Migration Services.
  • From Legacy to Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • From Legacy to Oracle Cloud
  • From Oracle eBusiness Suite to Oracle Cloud
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Migrations

Oracle Services

Data Migration

eAppSys has gained an expert understanding of data migration and the importance it plays within your business. eAppSys delivers an excellent Data Migration Packaged Service, which includes :

  • Data Extraction Service
  • Data Transformation services
  • Data Validation and loading into target systems
  • Data Reconciliation Services

Data Migration (DM) is an strategic weapon and should be high on the agenda of a programme and project management

Legacy Systems

Legacy Systems to Oracle e-Business Suite R12.x or Oracle Cloud

Systems to Oracle Fusion

Oracle e-Business Suite R11.x, R12.x to Oracle Cloud

Terra Data to SQL

Teradata to SQL Server

Business Success and Data Migration

We have comprehensive understanding of data migration and the importance it plays within your business. We can point out few importance reasons why newer systems would help you in increasing your profitability.


Convenient mobility access and options for BYOD workforce.


Our experts can provide better tuning and load-balancing to get the best from legacy systems.

Financial Savings

Save costs on regular maintenance and performance costs of legacy systems.


Can offer better security, privacy and disaster recovery business strategies.

Improved Resiliency & Security

It becomes easy to meet new market demands as compared to previous systems if migration is executed properly.


Skilled technical teams and experts with knowledge and solutions to handle the technology.

Our Data Migration Experts can guide you in assessing, optimising, planning and implementation of transfer to a new Oracle system